What Is Surrealism Photography? Complete Details

Surrealism photography is a genre of photography that captures the surreal elements of the world in a photograph. This could be an element that is not usually found in the natural world, such as a person standing in a desert landscape.

what is surrealism photography

It could be an element that is found in the natural world but has been manipulated in some way to create a surreal effect. Such as a person standing in a field of flowers with a city skyline in the background.

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Important Tips

There are a few things you need to know to create surrealist photographs. First, you need to understand the basic principles of surrealism. Next, you need to learn how to use your camera to create surreal effects. Finally, you need to practice and experiment with your techniques until you achieve the results you want.

  1. Look for unusual subjects and compositions
  2. Use light and shadow to create an eerie atmosphere
  3. Experiment with different techniques and effects
  4. Keep your shots simple and uncluttered
  5. Don’t be afraid to go crazy with your ideas
  6. Use unusual or unexpected combinations of objects or images to create surreal scenes
  7. Experiment with different lighting effects and angles to create mood and atmosphere
  8. Use Photoshop or other photo editing software to further manipulate your images and create more surreal effects
  9. Be creative and have fun

Photographer’s Duty

When it comes to surrealism photography, location is key. The photographer must find a place that can be both aesthetically pleasing and inspire creative thought. Some of the most popular surrealist locations are forests, abandoned buildings, and nature reserves.

Photographers must also be aware of their surroundings and be prepared to capture the perfect moment. This is all about capturing the beauty of the unexpected.


Surrealism photography is the product of the surrealist movement, which began in the early 1920s. Surrealists sought to express the subconscious mind in art and believed that photographic images could be used to capture the irrationality and unpredictability of dreams.

The most famous surrealist photographer was Man Ray, who often used unexpected juxtapositions and distortion in his images to create a dreamlike atmosphere. Other notable surrealist photographers include André Breton, René Magritte, and Salvador Dalí.


One of the main benefits is that it can be used to create optical illusions. By using certain techniques, such as tilting the camera or using a wide aperture, you can create the illusion of depth in a photograph. This can be used to great effect in portraits, landscapes, and still lives.

Surrealism photography can also be used to create dreamlike images that are not bound by the laws of reality. This can be used to express your creative ideas and tell stories that would not be possible with traditional photography.


Every photographer should use Canon EOS 6D for surrealism photography. As this gadget has a lot of specifications and features.

Canon EOS 6D

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Surrealism photography is all about creating images that are not bound by the laws of reality. They can be incredibly creative, and can often be a beautiful way to express your ideas and emotions.

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