What Is Panning In Photography?

Panning is a photographic technique that can be used to convey a sense of speed or motion. It involves moving the camera horizontally along with the subject while keeping the shutter open. This results in blurred background and a sharp subject.

What Is Panning In Photography

When most people think of landscape or outdoor photography, they think of shooting a scene head-on, with the camera held parallel to the ground. This is called a “normal” or “rectilinear” view. However, you can also shoot landscapes and outdoor scenes using a technique called “panning.”

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Important Tips

When you pan your camera with a moving subject, you can create an interesting effect that makes the subject seem like it’s in motion. This technique is often used in sports photography, but it can be used for any type of photography.

Choose the right subject. The best subjects for panning photography are ones that are moving quickly and erratically. Moving water or cars on a freeway are good examples.

Use a tripod. A tripod will help to keep your camera steady, which is important for achieving a smooth panning motion.


  • It can add an extra layer of excitement and dynamism to an image, making it more interesting to look at
  • This can be used to capture action and movement in a way that stills cannot
  • It can be a great way to show off your skills as a photographer


The history of panning photography is an interesting one. It all started with a mistake. In 1851, a French photographer named Louis Daguerre was taking a picture of a busy street in Paris. He wanted to capture the people and the carriages in the picture, but he didn’t have time to set up his tripod.

So he tried something new. He put his camera on the ground and moved it from side to side as he took the picture. The result was amazing. He managed to capture the movement of the people and the carriages in the picture.


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In panning photography, you move the camera along with the moving subject while keeping the camera’s focus on the subject. This results in blurred background and a sharp subject. Panning can be used to create very dynamic images and is a great way to show movement in a scene.

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