Tips For Photographing Osprey

The osprey, a large raptor found near bodies of water across North America, is one of the most fascinating creatures in the bird world. These birds are easily identified by their white underparts and chestnut brown wings, as well as their characteristic forked tail. Ospreys are notable for their aerial prowess, and they can often be observed hunting fish near the surface of lakes and ponds.

Photographing Osprey

They are often mistaken for eagles, as they share many similarities in both appearance and behavior. Ospreys are distinguishable by their white heads and chests, dark brown backs, and white bellies. They are also one of the larger raptor species, measuring in at around 24-29 inches in length and with a wingspan of around 5 feet.

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Important Tips

  • Try to find an open area with good light and few distractions
  • Use the burst mode on your camera to capture the bird in flight
  • Get close. Ospreys are large birds, so you don’t need to be too far away to get a good picture


Ospreys are not always easy to photograph, they may fly away at any moment But if you’re patient and wait for the right moment, you will get the perfect shot.

Osprey is incredibly fast and can often be difficult to photograph. However, with a little bit of preparation and patience, it is possible to capture some great shots of these beautiful birds.

Camera Settings

When photographing these amazing creatures, it’s important to use a telephoto lens to bring them in close. This will help fill the frame with its impressive size and detail.

You’ll also want to use a fast shutter speed to freeze the action and avoid any blurry shots.

Aperture priority mode is usually the best setting for photographing birds in flight. This will allow you to control the depth of field, and ensure that the bird is in a sharp look.

Reasons for Photographing

There are many reasons to photograph ospreys. Ospreys are one of the most easily recognized birds of prey in North America and their populations are doing well. They can be found near large bodies of water, including oceans, lakes, and rivers.


Ospreys are beneficial to humans because they eat fish, which can create nuisance situations. Where large numbers of fish congregate and deplete the resources of other fish populations.

DSLR Camera

If you want a camera for osprey photography then a DSLR camera will be the best option. Along with a long-range lens you can take great shots. Canon EOS Rebel T7 has a continuous shot feature so you can take images of osprey during their flight.

Canon EOS Rebel T7

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This article explained how to photograph osprey. By following the tips in this article, you will be able to capture beautiful images of these impressive birds. Go out and photograph osprey today.

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