Tips For Photographing Clothes

Clothing products are everywhere on the web, and many marketers struggle to get them to convert. Don’t let that be you, as you can drive more conversions for your clothing products with the right images. If you are into fashion, you certainly have some sense of style. You know what colors and styles go together and which ones don’t. You also know what to wear for every occasion. 

Tips for Photographing Clothes

If you don’t, your friends will certainly tell you. However, style is one thing; taking pictures of your clothes is another. Particularly if you are interested in selling these photos of your clothing, you will need to be aware of a few things to do the job well. Shooting clothes for a fashion blog has its own challenges. Controlling natural, ambient light is only one aspect of this.

When it comes to selling clothes online, you really need to make the most of any opportunity you can to get potential customers in their shopping mood. Make browsing your range a visual delight that drives the customer pleasure and feeling of discovery while they’re browsing your collection.

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Prepare Clothes Before Shooting

The tip number is that every time you want to take pictures of clothes prepares them before taking pictures. Like place them nicely and the clothes should not be in bad shape. The issue of taking pictures of clothes often arises at the moment. It is a pity that a lot of pictures are taken without adequately preparing clothes, resulting in unsatisfactory results.

  • Clothing should not be too tight or too loose.
  • The collar and cuffs should be smooth, clean, and tidy.
  • Straps must be adjusted to an appropriate position and avoid loose straps, because it will make the collar seem bigger, and the clothes will appear loose.

 Be Mindful of the Background

Think about what kind of background will make your clothes look the best. If you’re going for a more natural look, then try taking photos outside or in a room with light coming from one side. If you want to create more of an artistic vibe, then try taking photos in front of an interesting wall or backdrop. The background should be plain and unobtrusive.

Make sure that the background doesn’t distract from the clothes. If there’s something in the background that doesn’t go with what you’re wearing, then try and move closer to an area without any clutter or distractions. Clothes should not be too close to the background or too far away from it.

The right height for clothes is about 3 feet off the ground. Avoid using mirrors in photos because they can create reflections and distort colors.

Consider the Lighting

Natural lighting is always best because it provides even light and doesn’t cause shadows. Use natural light to take pictures. You can use a window to bounce natural light into the room, or if it’s too dark outside, use a lamp. Avoid using flash as it makes clothing look shiny and cheap.

If there isn’t any natural light available, then use an artificial one instead. Natural light is the best because it comes in a variety of colors.

Use Tripod

Place your camera on a tripod or other stable surface so that you don’t have to worry about hand tremors when taking pictures.

Take Your Time

Take your time and think about what you want to show off in your photo. For example, if you have a dress with a beautiful pattern on it, take it outside so that the pattern can be seen more clearly.


That wraps up my tips for photographing clothes. Hopefully, you found a few helpful tidbits in here and will be able to put them to good use during your next photoshoot. We covered lots of helpful tips, and tried to keep everything as straightforward as possible.

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