Top 10 Best Travel Tripods For DSLR In 2024

A tripod is an essential piece of equipment for every photographer and traveler. A good tripod will make sure that your camera is stable and it will help you take great pictures. But there are multiple tripods available in the market and it is difficult to decide which one to buy. So, in this article, I have compared some of the Best Travel Tripods for DSLR to help you make an informed decision.

Best Travel Tripods for DSLR

A travel tripod is a lightweight tripod that can easily fit into your bag and not take up too much space. These tools are ideal for use when you are traveling and don’t want to carry a large and bulky tripod with you. Travel tripods are an essential part of every travel photographer’s kit. They are useful for stabilizing your camera in low-light situations, are compact, lightweight, and are easy to carry around.

Travel tripods are becoming more popular with travel photographers nowadays because of their portability and their ability to take stunning photos. However, selecting the right tripod isn’t necessarily easy because there are many parts that you have to take into consideration. When it comes to holding your camera steady while you are shooting, tripods are by far the best way to do it. It allows you to get the shot you are after, using slow shutter speeds.

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1. Neewer Carbon Fiber 66 inches/168 centimeters Camera Tripod

NEEWER 66"/168cm Carbon Fiber Tripod for Camera with 360° Panorama Ball Head, 1/4" Arca QR Plate, Portable Bag, Compact Travel Tripod Monopod for DSLR Video Camcorder, Max Load 26.5lb/12kg, N55C
  • 2 in 1 tripod, one of leg can be used as monopod
  • Quick release leg locking, giving a more convenient leg handling
  • Universal ball head design with 2 locks and 360° dial that...
  • New generation of high density carbon fiber tube, using eight layer...
  • Comes with a portable bag, easy to carry

This is a great tripod for beginners and professionals alike. The tripod is very well built, lightweight, yet sturdy enough to hold my camera without being top-heavy. I love that it can be used as a monopod by unscrewing one of the legs. Our new generation of tripods is made from durable and light carbon fiber material. It is strong yet lightweight, giving you a sturdy base to shoot photos and videos with your camera or smartphone.

This high-quality tool features a lightweight, compact design to let you effortlessly capture the perfect shot. Its legs extend and retract quickly and smoothly as needed, and can be locked at any angle with a simple twist of its locking. It is your perfect companion for your camera equipment. 

Its legs can be folded inwards to turn it into a monopod, while the other leg can be used to hold your camera. The adjustable head enables you to adjust the angle you desire. The tool is an extremely useful accessory for anyone who is serious about their photography. Not only is it used to keep your camera steady when capturing images, but it can also be extended to provide support in creating certain shots.

This tripod is perfect for amateur photographers who are just starting out. The tripod is easy to handle and the legs lock into place quickly. The ball head makes it easy to adjust position, allowing you to quickly get the angle that you want. 

2. K&F Concept TM2515T1 Professional 67 inch Camera Tripod

K&F Concept 67 inch Camera Tripod Horizontal Aluminum Tripods Portable Monopod with 360 Degree Ball Head Quick Release Plate for DSLR Cameras T255A4+BH-28L (TM2515T1)
  • 【Transverse Center Column】Central column moves from 0 to 180...
  • 【Strong Stability】25mm large diameter aluminum alloy tube,the load...
  • 【Compact & Flexible】5 sections leg can adjust the height from 22''...
  • 【Metal Ball Head】Can be rotated 360 degrees, helping to expand...
  • 【Detachable Monopod】It can be turned into a monopod or walking...

This is a fantastic tripod for your camera, no matter you are a professional or amateur. It will help you to do more great things with your camera. This tool is the professional tool for you to shoot the wonderful scenery, it has a 25mm diameter tube, is super solid, and is well constructed.

This new concept tripod is a professional tripod, suitable for DSLR or digital cameras. It could be used in different shooting situations, like family parties, holidays, weddings,s and so on. With this tripod, you can realize panoramic photography, which could bring you fantastic pictures. 

This instrument is great for any amateur photographer who does not want to spend a lot of money on a high-end tripod but still wants to produce professional photos. The legs are able to bend so you can go low to the ground or put it up in the air with ease. The tripod head can be separated from the tripod body without tools, which is convenient for you to carry. Besides, it can be turned into a monopod or walking stick alone to make your photography more diverse.

It features a quick-release plate for easy attaching and detaching of your camera. The ball head enables you to make smooth adjustments while shooting. This tripod is a combination of superior quality and affordable price. It’s ideal for amateur photography, such as studio, landscape, travel, macro shooting, and so on.

3. TYCKA Rangers 56” Compact Travel Tripod

TYCKA 56” Camera Tripod, Lightweight Aluminum Travel Tripod Professional Compact Tripod Monopod for DSLR Camera with 360 Degree Ball Head, Quick Release Plate, Carry Bag
  • ➽LOW ANGLE AND MACRO VIEW ENABLED: With an included short...
  • ➽DETACHABLE MONOPOD: Our TYCKA Rangers Tripod also features a...
  • ➽EASY SET-UP AND PORTABLE: Four-segment poles with quick release...
  • ➽360° PANORAMA AND ULTRA STABLE: With two independent control...
  • ➽GUARANTEE: Backed by our industry-leading 24-Month warranty. We...

TYCKA’s compact travel tripod is the perfect companion for those who want to shoot amazing photos and videos on the go. Its low-angle shooting capability gives you a whole new perspective on your surroundings, while its removable monopod makes it easy to capture those long-distance shots as well as macro photography with ease.

It features a removable leg that can be used as an alpenstock for hiking or walking. Or it can be converted into a monopod when attached to the included ball adaptor to meet your shooting needs. Whether hiking, traveling or sightseeing, this tripod will provide you with stability and all the most important features that you need for your photography needs.

It can be used either on the ground or mounted on a tripod head. Our compact travel tripod is ideal for those who want to take high-quality photos and videos, but don’t have time to set up a bulky tripod. With a quick setup and portability, it’s great for traveling or everyday use. 

Whether it be a scenic nature shot or shooting macro close-ups of flowers and insects, you will never have to worry about missing that special moment due to blurry photos or shaky videos. The high-quality construction gives you the ability to shoot from a low angle while maintaining stability.

This compact travel tripod is the perfect companion for your travel needs. It comes with a detachable monopod that can be easily converted into an alpenstock for hiking or walking.

4. Manfrotto Compact Action Aluminum 5-Section Tripod Kit with Hybrid Head

Manfrotto Compact Action Aluminum 5-Section Tripod Kit with Hybrid Head, Black (MKCOMPACTACN-BK)
  • High-quality aluminium design
  • Perfect for entry-level SLRs & CSCs with standard lenses
  • Switch from photo to movie mode almost instantly
  • Quick-release plate supports a wide range of devices
  • Joystick head for easy framing

The tripod features a sturdy and stable construction that makes it suitable for use in a variety of terrains and locations. With a unique hybrid head that features independent panning and tilting movements, you can take breathtaking panoramas on the go. A detachable monopod allows for more creative angles. Includes a special adapter for higher-specification cameras.

It’s made from high-quality aluminum and has been designed to be as sturdy as possible, yet remain as portable as possible. From its high-grade aluminum construction to its stylish design, this sturdy tripod has everything you need for stable shots. With an adjustable head that supports a wide range of devices, the Compact Action is perfect for entry-level cameras and accessories.

The tripod is ideal for shooting action-packed videos and fast-moving subjects. The tripod features a removable leg with a foam grip that can be used as an alpenstock when hiking or walking. It is the ideal tripod for nature, wildlife, and landscape photographers. This lightweight compact aluminum tripod is perfect for DSLR cameras with standard lenses.

The compact tripod is ideal for entry-level SLRs with standard lenses, and switch from photo to movie mode almost instantly. A quick-release plate supports a wide range of devices. Includes a special adapter for higher-specification cameras. This kit features high-quality aluminum construction, one-touch quick locks, and a lightweight design. The included ball head ensures smooth movement to capture crystal clear photographs.

5. SIRUI AM-223 Camera Tripod Carbon Fiber

SIRUI Carbon Fiber Mini Travel Tripod with Two-Section Carbon Center Column, Max Height 26", Load up to 33lbs (AM-223+SL-100)
  • Durable Carbon Fiber: Manufactured with premium carbon fiber, SIRUI...
  • Small but Powerful: The mini tripod comes with Φ22mm max diameter...
  • Compact&Portable Tripod: The SIRUI mini tripod kit is retractable and...
  • Detachable Center Column: Two-section carbon center column SL-100 can...
  • Wide Compatibility: Both AM-223 tripod and SL-100 column are equipped...

If you are looking for a high-quality compact tripod at a reasonable price, this one should be your best choice. This tripod is very lightweight and easy to carry anywhere. If you need a larger carrying capacity, you can remove the center column or spread out the legs wider if not, just keep it compact to fit into your camera bag.

It’s lightweight and durable to support your camera steadily during the shooting. The legs can be folded up for easy carrying and storage. It’s lightweight and durable to support your camera steadily during the shooting. The legs can be folded up for easy carrying and storage.

Stainless steel spikes are included so that you can use them to fix firmly on the ground if necessary. It is easy to carry everywhere, suitable for shooting insects and plants; it also has outstanding stability, flexibility, and load capacity. This Sirui tripod also features levers that enable you to mount your camera quickly without having to fiddle about with screws.

This carbon fiber tripod is designed for wildlife, nature, and landscape photography and is made of premium-grade carbon fiber. The tripod with a ball head enables you to capture the most exquisite shots easily. It can bear heavy photographic equipment for your shooting needs.

6. K&F Concept 62” DSLR Tripod

K&F Concept 64''/162cm DSLR Tripod,Lightweight and Compact Aluminum Camera Tripod with 360 Panorama Ball Head Quick Release Plate for Travel and Work B234A1+BH-28 (TM2324)
  • The weight of the tripod (include the ball head) is only 2.8lbs,much...
  • The tripod combines practical and portability factors,with the maximum...
  • With powerful and quick flip leg lock, only use one hand can open and...
  • The spring self-locking tube angle adjustment knob, only need to...
  • 28mm large ball head ensure the stability; The non-oil damping new...

Made from high-quality aluminum alloy, the tripod includes a ball head with a quick-release system to allow you to easily insert or remove the camera when needed with one hand. It is easy to set up and take down, collapses at 180 degrees for easy storage in its carry bag, and slightly extends reflection locks so it can be adjusted within seconds.

The attractive design also features 270° inverted folding legs so that it is comparable in size even when folded down to 1610mm 2640mm without the center column. The K&F Concept 62 inch DSLR Tripod is perfect for all sorts of professionals who need something compact that still offers optimal stability no matter what your shoot requires.

It’s comfortable enough not to have to stand against a wall while taking pictures at any moment you please, without compromising durability or stability with its strong construction and a secure locking feature that needs no tools whatsoever. When your photo session is done and it’s time for packing up, just unfold and pull apart this beauty and get outta town lickety-split.

Built for a high-quality photographer who is purposeful and deliberate about their work, this tripod features stability and versatility. This is the only lightweight tripod with a max height of more than six feet. This sturdy, compact tripod can easily pop into any camera bag or suitcase and support the weight of your DSLR along with a heavy lens.

7. JOILCAN 81” Tripod, Aluminum Camera Tripod for DSLR

JOILCAN Tripod for Camera, 81" Camera Tripod Stand, 83 inches DSLR Tripods & Monopods, Heavy Duty Travel Tripod for Binoculars Laser Level Spotting Scope Telescope, Professional Complete Tripod Units
  • Camera Tripod & Monopod -- JOILCAN heavy duty tripod featuring a "fold...
  • Aluminum Stability Camera Tripod -- JOILCAN 81 inches Tripod is a good...
  • 38 MM Panoramic Ball Head -- Camera Tripods with 360° panning and...
  • Convert Tripod to Monopod Easily -- Made of sturdy aluminum alloy, the...
  • Macro Photography -- Professional tall tripod Each leg features three...

This tripod is perfect for carrying around, plus it’s definitely quite the alternative to the bulky tripods that take up space by covering your whole luggage. It is perfect for photographers who travel often or just prefer an easier way to store their gear at home. Weighing in less than 4 pounds and extending 5 feet, this tripod will never feel clunky as it supports loads upwards of 25 lbs.

With a nifty folding design, you’ll be able to store it without ever feeling as though it’s taking up too much space again. It holds equipment as heavy as 25 lbs so you can get ready to hit the ground running during your next outdoor adventure, whether you’re scouting out a new hiking trail or capturing stunning landscape views.

You won’t have to worry about stability or compatibility either. The unique “fold-up” design makes it easy to store and pack away for minimalists that love to do everything as light as possible without sacrificing quality. Whether you’re a professional photographer or just something of a hobbyist, it’s never good to be without your gear when the moment is right.

The tool provides an all-in-one solution for professional photographers and outdoor enthusiasts alike who want better quality photos than their cell phones provide without any additional addons or hassle. With its aluminum construction and at only 3.8 lbs, this flexible little tripod will find any occasion for use whether you’re taking pictures of active volcanoes or the local architecture.

8. BOG DeathGrip Aluminum Tripod with Durable


The BOG DeathGrip Aluminum Tripod is built to withstand the toughest of environments. The beefy tripod features a clamping head that can rotate up to 360 degrees and pan in 3 different directions, making it perfect for any shooting position or configuration. Made from aluminum with a durable finish, this sturdy tripod packs plenty of support while weighing only 8.5 pounds.

Great stability, heavy-duty construction, and large diameter aluminum legs easily support the weight of any weapon. With retractable steel, spikes add an additional element that can be poked into anything from mud to sand or snow. The tripod adjusts to all sorts of heights and has adjustable legs so it can stand on uneven ground without causing it to fall.

If you’re the target shooter who’s looking for an easy way to steady your aim or extend your arms while aiming across objects at large distances, look no further than this product. The tripod is light and durable, yet able to set up like an industrial-grade solution to any shooter who demands the high quality needed for precision targets. 

With a retractable steel spike, you can drive into various surfaces that will lock in tightly or you can just use it as a stand by itself. It can hold the heaviest of weapons hands-free and has retractable steel spikes for shooting in difficult terrain. With retractable steel spikes, integrated monocular rests, and a wide selection of height adjustments, you can rest assured that this product is versatile enough to handle any scenario.

When not being used as a shooting product, use it as a steady platform to observe terrain or just lean on it for hands-free stability during long hunting trips.

9. Manfrotto Befree Advanced Twist Camera Tripod Kit

Manfrotto Befree Advanced Camera Tripod Kit with Twist Closure, Travel Tripod Kit with Ball Head, Camera Tripod in Aluminum for DSLR, Reflex, Mirrorless - Bundled with ZAYKiR 200PLPRO Plate
  • PORTABLE: Intuitive to use and easy to configure, this travel tripod...
  • COMBINABLE: The supplied plate is compatible with the most common...
  • SAFE: Thanks to the spider and the QPL Travel locking system, maximum...
  • VERSATILE: Allows you to change the perspective and tripod height...
  • COMPLETE: The 494 aluminium ball head allows you to position the...

The Manfrotto Befree Advanced twist camera tripod kit is an ideal choice for DSLR or video recording enthusiasts seeking a compact product with height-adjustable capabilities. With the center ball head, this kit will allow you to capture amazing photos from different angles with three independent control knobs so twist, pan, and tilt are quickly controlled with either hand.

This instrument will easily fit in any pack or hand luggage so you can explore wider places with ease without worrying about packing problems. That’s the feeling you get when using the Manfrotto Befree Advanced Twist Camera Tripod Kit. Simply roll it from your backpack or suitcase, latch onto the camera you want to use, tighten everything down for stability and balance. 

Twist off an arm if need be, set up time-lapse mode in just seconds with one easy click of the head thumb wheel. It’s perfect for stability when traveling with your equipment. Skinny at less than three pounds and folds down to 16 inches, it stows away easily in any bag or backpack. 

You can set up this beauty in seconds thanks to its unique quick setup design which lets you use each hand independently while still pulling equally on both sides of the legs. The setup can be swift with the side pull selector as you slide your favorite device into this unique premium design built from carbon fiber to support up to 17 pounds.

10. Victiv Camera Tripod, Lightweight Aluminum Tripod

It has a 3-way pan head that allows you to rotate the camera 360°and tilt the camera 90° in any direction. The height of the tripod can be adjusted from 18” to 68”. The legs are independently adjustable, allowing you to set up with minimum movement. There is also a bubble level indicator on the tripod that lets you know if your camera is level or straight.

Victiv is a premium camera tripod with full function. The tool can fold up to the size of an SLR camera, which makes it easy to carry around. Besides that, it can be converted into a monopod for shooting fast action scenes. It is well designed for any photography enthusiasts to take it with ease wherever you go, whether you’re on a holiday trip to the beach or an outdoor adventure in the mountains.

It has a ball head that allows you to be able to get the perfect angle for your shot. Its quick setup means you can take it with you wherever you go and not worry about spending too much time setting up your tripod. The tripod provides a stable base for any camera to capture amazing footage in different environments.

The legs are independently spreadable and flip locks for fast deployment and securely with a minimum of movement, providing an alternative way of shooting with ease. It has a lightweight design that makes it easy to carry around when traveling or working. You can use it as a tripod or monopod whenever needed.


When traveling, it is important to bring a tripod with you so you can set up the perfect shot. There are a variety of tripods to choose from, so we wanted to help you find one that is best for your photography needs. f you are planning to take your camera with you on a trip, you need a tripod that is going to be able to work in a variety of situations.

There are many different kinds of tripods and we want to help you find the best one for your needs. This is the reason we have created this guide. It will allow you to find the best tripod for your needs.

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