How To Do Rain Photography?

There are many times when you’re traveling and you’re stuck in a hotel room during a torrential downpour, and you want to share the stormy weather with your friends and family. It seems like rain photography may be the natural solution. Photographers use many ingenious strategies to get natural light to their photos and these photographers often push themselves and their equipment to the limit. 

How To Do Rain Photography

However, with rainy days and water scarcity in some areas, getting out and getting a beautiful photo during the rain has also become a big boom in the photography world. There’s nothing like beautiful scenery during a rainy day, all lit up by the world’s most beautiful natural phenomenon.


 Here’s a step-by-step guide to shooting and sharing rain:

1) Find the best protection. If you can’t take shelter from the rain, then buy or rent an umbrella. The photo will end up blurry if you try to take it with an open umbrella.

2) Wait for the rain to get heavy. If it’s only drizzling, then the photo will be more like a misty mist.

Other Tips

One of the best things about rain is that it’s so unique. It can be so many different colors, there are so many fun textures to play with, and you can do so many different things to capture it all. Here are four of my favorite rain photography tips to help you get started


Bring your tripod if you are going for it. You can use it to put your camera on to steady it and to use longer shutter speeds to capture the water streaking down the windows. Put your camera on fast shutter speeds.

Rain Jacket

Next, it would be best to invest in a good rain jacket to protect yourself from the rain. The last step is to find a spot that you feel will capture the beauty of the rain. It should also be a place that is not too crowded.


There are many ways to catch the rain falling from the sky. Depending on your location, you could set up a tent or tarp to capture the water or set up a jar to collect the rain during the rainy season. There are also plenty of photos of rain falling to capture.

All you need is a camera, a lens, and a find location. Rain falling from the sky can be captured in many different ways. One way is to set up a tent or tarp to capture the water that has fallen. Another way is to use a jar to collect the rain during the rainy season.

Light Source

One technique that could be explored throughout the post is the color light, which is a technique where the light source is positioned at a 90-degree angle to your camera to create a sunset-like light which is a mixture of warm and cool colors to capture the mood of the sky. Another technique one could explore would be creating a long exposure photograph, which can be done by using a tripod as well as a bulb setting on the camera, as well as a neutral density filter.

How To Take Good Rain Photos?

Here are some tips for how to take good rain photos.

1) Water drop photography can create a beautiful rainbow effect.

2) Make sure the background is blurred out. The viewer should only be able to see the beauty of the rain.

3) Be patient! You may have to wait for a downpour for minutes just to get the perfect shot.


At the end of the day, I hope to have taught you some basic tips to get you started in this unique photography niche. Don’t be afraid to try new things, be it framing a scene differently than expected or incorporating the rain into the scene in a way the average photographer won’t. As well as teaching you how to do rain photography, I hope that I’ve also inspired you to try something new where you live.

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